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Today’s Gender of the day is: Solid Snake on a skateboard

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    Today’s Gender of the day is: Solid Snake on a skateboard

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    A Plane When I Look Up. A Chord When I Close Down

    Every unsteady moment I can hear
    My head is missed by air
    I leave invisibly before the cut is near
    Second chances is my nature

    No one’s differed from what I’ve tried
    Compared to love I look for black light

    What happened to you after we met
    Is why I can’t forgive myself
    Just let me understand my debt
    I don’t care about thinking well

    No love’s longer than the trench of light
    Two more play the keys if the third is right

    For you how long it took may have gone
    When we felt the veinal electricity
    The littlest cross made me lie wrong
    I don’t live first unless it’s for me

    My heat not far the hill reviewed my flight
    Who was too late, the cut or my eyes?

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    I Discovered How To Retrieve - Must I Give Back?

    The same other you you’ve been wanting
    Although it sounds like a starred room of many sounds
    The thinner the reality the closer the dream
    And you fit and feel your other
    If you remember
    As you repeat to attach, remember
    Control is blinding
    This line is white and let this breath is dark
    Race nowhere They’re the skyline, death shark
    I have now I get then I’m paired and naked black white stark
    Move away when I move myself - old winds
    Must I give in? Been wondering

    Still. Predilection. Will. Sentenced.

    God Happens To Think For Me
    May I Branch Only To Me
    Home hasn’t justified actions
    Home is opposite attractions
    Run The Process For Correction:
    Freedom is and hasn’t left me

    I am right My intake is strong
    Touches any Separates long
    Gives me y Translates a song
    Mine and yours Don’t fly along

    May you remember to feel yourself
    The one you’ve been pondering

    We get what we want / closed
    Follow Me
    the bang was meant for heat

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Pokemon Red
Pokemon Blue
Pokemon Gold
Pokemon Silver
Pokemon Bronze
Pokemon Red Fire
Pokemon Grass Green
Pokemon Ruby Tuesday
Pokemon Safe Fire
Pokemon A B C
Pokemon X Y Z
Pokemon Now I know my A B C’s
Pokemon Dungeon Dice Monsters
Pokemon The Last Airbender
Pokemon of the Galaxy
Pokemon Horror Story: Asylum
Pokemon Horror Story: Coven
Pokemon Horror Story: ….Coven 2
Pokemon Ping Pong
Pokemon Party 
Pokemon Party 8
PokeKart: Double Dash
Pokemon Crunch Wrap Supreme 
Pokemon Cross Dress
Pokemon Fingerblast
Pokemon Facebook Edition
Pokemon Who?
Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest

LEAFGREEN not Grass Green

yes thank you. THAT’S the one game i needed to be corrected on.

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    1. Pokemon Red
    2. Pokemon Blue
    3. Pokemon Gold
    4. Pokemon Silver
    5. Pokemon Bronze
    6. Pokemon Red Fire
    7. Pokemon Grass Green
    8. Pokemon Ruby Tuesday
    9. Pokemon Safe Fire
    10. Pokemon A B C
    11. Pokemon X Y Z
    12. Pokemon Now I know my A B C’s
    13. Pokemon Dungeon Dice Monsters
    14. Pokemon The Last Airbender
    15. Pokemon of the Galaxy
    16. Pokemon Horror Story: Asylum
    17. Pokemon Horror Story: Coven
    18. Pokemon Horror Story: ….Coven 2
    19. Pokemon Ping Pong
    20. Pokemon Party 
    21. Pokemon Party 8
    22. PokeKart: Double Dash
    23. Pokemon Crunch Wrap Supreme 
    24. Pokemon Cross Dress
    25. Pokemon Fingerblast
    26. Pokemon Facebook Edition
    27. Pokemon Who?
    28. Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest

    LEAFGREEN not Grass Green

    yes thank you. THAT’S the one game i needed to be corrected on.

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    The Beatles - Lovely Rita
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    Lovely Rita - The Beatles

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    The Beatles - For You Blue
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    The Beatles - “For You Blue” - Let It Be

    For You Blue is a simple twelve-bar song following all the normal twelve-bar principles except it’s happy-go-lucky!” - George Harrison, I Me Mine

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    The Beatles - What You're Doing
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    The Beatles - What You’re Doing

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    The Beatles - Nowhere Man
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    The Beatles - Nowhere Man - Rubber Soul

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    I’m So Tired - The Beatles

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    ‰東京事変 - 手紙
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    手紙 | 東京事変

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